Eat lots of egg tarts, get fat then ride your Hong Kong Bicycle

DON’T feel embarrassed if you eat too many egg tarts, an icy mountain bun, chickens feet, steamed pork shu mai and suspicious seafood products while in Hong Kong.  DO feel embarrassed if you are on HK island and don’t pop in to say ‘yo, what’s crackling’ to Hong Kong Bicycle king dingaling ‘Perry’ or ‘P-dog’ (in appropriate accent with hand gesture) in HK homie speak.  They gots the goodies when it comes to the creamy high-end stuff, like the Nevi Ti jobby below.  Swizzle.

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Australian Made cycling streetwear- we be that!

Speaking with a branding and marketing strategist who specialises in synergisation and optimising overall value-adding interpretive functions of the conceptuals, the topic of getting involved in the Australian Made Campaign came up. Aussie made: check, Aussie owned: check, Aussie designed: yep, check that too.  All of the goods checked out with the dudes who run the campaign too, and we are certified ‘ridgey didge’ Australian.

'Miss October' who wear transparent rain-proof riding shorts says: 'I want to cuddle your kangaroo'.

And we now have (the relatively expensive) Australian made certification and full use of the Australian Made logo which we have duly plastered wherever possible.  Most of the action with Iron Horse and love of our cycling t-shirts has come from overseas, so it made good sense to get this mega well-known logo on our schtuff.

how many ways can you shoot a swing tag?

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Iron Horse is designing for the South Perth Rouleurs…

Word up.  It’s taken more than a little while to get some designing-for-cycle-club action.  Pete over at the Rouleurs spoke to us not long after our launch about the possibility of doing something, and it’s taken until now to get it happening (for a stack of different reasons).  Taking a design brief on the phone last week along the lines of  ‘..why don’t you guys just show us some stuff?…’ was about the best way a club could approach us.

funky, US baseball team stylee... we like this.

Looking back honestly on our first range, we really were designing ‘for others’ and not designing the kind of shit we really wanted to create.  Anyway, the waterfall of creativity flows strongly and we’ve straddled a small aqua-trike to ride over the rapids and straight out and over the waterfall, surely ending in a) extreme amounts of death, b) extreme amounts of criticisismism or c) more design work for Australian clubs and teams.  Put your hands up if you know what I is on about.  No one, oh, me neither.  I’m off to eat pork knuckle soup and rice and other hawker gear in Singapore (and meet some dudes in China and HK for another business) where I’m catching up with a couple of heavies from Singapore’s vibrant cycling scene.  We’re going to talk about where’s good to eat more pork knuckle stuff.

they like this one.....

Clearly the plan is to get these puppies out the door and then approach others with our skillz in production and see what happens.


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Iron Horse in the Thousands

Big thanks again to the local magazines and websites that have given us a bit of love lately.

The Thousands have launched their new website and Iron Horse managed to score a bit of promo from it…thanks to Russ & Danielle for sorting that out!

Any website that starts off with this sort of no nonsense journalismism is gonna go far….

Lycra is the most unattractive fabric and I’m not just speaking aesthetically, first it rides your crack then trashes your sperm count. A bunch of Freo lads were so sick of lycra making them stink like a teenagers bedroom after a hard ride they got together to make cycle gear smell good again and so began Iron Horse.”

Just a shame they didn’t put up the photo I sent them of Buddah looking like a filthy snow monkey….Now people are gonna think he has an attitude problem.

cycling street wear

We went for the hairless forearms this time

Iron horse clothing

The Thousands new website...good job!


Iron Horse – cycling street wear for riders!

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Iron Horse in Scoop Magazine…..

A little bit more local press, this time in WA’s Scoop Magazine. Cheers for the free mags, Scott.  2 of these sexy t-shirts delivered to your door or $80…. yep yep.  The alpine green has sold out (!) but the shirt looks def in red, white, yellow and bitumen.  Our best selling design, if you like it, buy it!

Iron Horse Spoke tee in Alpine green as modelled by local monkey-man, Harry Forearms.   SOLD OUT!
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New Aussie web site connects the dots- Fixed Leads dot com.

We’ve been keeping in touch recently with a doer over in Sydney who has started a bit of a hub for riders like us.  Pablo’s  slick new site, is a fine example of what an inspired dude can produce in their spare time (like anyone has spare time).  Pablo is a graphic designer/web developer/bike crazed facilitator.  Really want to thanks to him for allowing us some promo space, pics and bit of bullshit about our business to be worthy of his site.  It’s looking really tight, so go check it out!

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Cycling Streetwear…… For Germans?

Massive props to Marcus and Claudia over at Procycling Magazine for showing the love and not just giving us our highest days of web traffic by popping a link and a photo slide in their website, but also liking our gear enough (last time I called Marcus he was at the office wearing his Iron Horse tee) to include Iron Horse in the ‘Wunschliste’ (wishlist) section of their mag- nice! We got some killer feedback from a German retailer last night too.  Schpeaking mit mein German riding buddy und freund, Heiko (Psycho when we’re riding hills) last night, he told me that the sample shirts I gave to him to show a slick store in his home town didn’t last long. Apparenty he took them in to the store to give the guys an idea of the quality and the printing, and they bought the samples from him on the spot. Skills, bruder- danke!  We’ll get some more info on the stockist once we firm things up with them…… yah.

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Iron Horse is looking for stockists in Asia

Iron Horse Clothing is currently looking for stores to stock our gear throughout Asia.

One thing about being in Australia (as much as we love it here), is your very far from pretty much everywhere. Asia is on our doorstep, yet that is still at least 3 hours flight away.

We are in the very bottom left corner of an already isolated country!

So when you want to start selling overseas, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome. We have definitely had to enlist the help of a number of people. At the moment we have friends (and customers) helping us out in the US, Germany, Japan and the UK.

The fact we have had some good press lately in Germany (with more to come) and the UK makes this easier, but we would love to be there ourselves selling and talking to the retailers.

It makes me wonder how Australian made products are viewed overseas?

What do we even ship overseas that’s actually made here? Well….umm…..pretty much anything they can dig out of the ground these days, plus a few things they can grow on top of the ground or in the water. Not much in the way of things you would find in your average clothing retail store. Most of it is made somewhere in Asia for an Australian brand. So not really Australian at all.

We at Iron Horse Clothing know only too well that Australian Made means exceptional quality. Whether its casual cycling clothing, private boats or building Wembley Stadium (although some would argue the stadium example). The only problem is it is very expensive, to match the wage demands of the labour market here.

What is your impression of the quality and craftsmanship when you see the Aussie made logo? When you see on our website ironhorseclothing that we make our cycling clothing here, how does that affect your purchasing decision?

casual cycling clothing

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Utility bike photo shoot. Flexin’ the fixies, singles and grocery baskets…..

Yeah, we do’s that!  Gotta say a massive thanks up front to Mitch, Shauny, Bruce, Danny B and the inimitable Tommy Wu, even if the last two own part of the business and should damn well be putting in the time anyway!

We had a ball (and a few beers) as usual doing this shoot last weekend down in Fremantle late afternoon.  Some of the colourways that we offer have sold out, probably because they have been promo’d so hard, particularly in the European mags, so we thought getting some shots of the yellows and reds would get peeps thinking more about departing the bitumen, white and green they seem to be loving so much.

I thought I had muscly legs before i saw this. Damn.

The whites and the yellows, not mention the blue look sick in our designs.  I’m still wearing through the stock which I took away to Japan on our Tokyo trip back in January and the material is holding up really well.

If you are pondering whether you should get involved in our gear, don’t hesitate too much, as some are sold out and true to our ethos, we won’t be reprinting the same designs.  A local dude bought two online last week and then came back for another 3 this week…. has to be the quality of the product.

Time Trial design looks sweet when it's on. The red or white versions are killer.

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Like, oh my god!  It feels like it’s been freakin’ ages since I have sat down to ponder a post.  So much has been happening recently.

– We got our sexy bodies in a German mag: Bike.  Cool bananas.

Yeah, good job, Stefan, thanks. Can't bloody read what you're saying though. Hope you're not dissing us, bruder.

– Danny and I are on the verge of launching another business.  That’s the 3rd for Danny and I and the 5th for me.

– We are still desperately trying to manage our money to keep us in the game even while retail and the stock market shits itself.

– We have streamlined the creative and marketing sides of Iron Horse.

– We are getting some nice little orders flowing through from Europe, in particular the UK and Germany where they are slowly weening themselves off lederhosen and getting into our gear.

Skills, Sarah... thanks for the Summer issue re-run in Cycling Fitness Magazine

– We are settled on a 4 ideas for our next run of tees!

What really prompted me to scribble was to give some serious props to our new friends up there there in Euro……  Danke!

My fingers are sore from puttin on new Vittoria Corsa tyres. Yes, that is the caption.

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