Brand Transparency: Avoid Sweatshops And Cheap Labour! (and get a better product)

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When presented with so many purchasing options everyday, what determines the products you buy? The Australian grown vegetables in the shopping aisle or the cheaper Chinese imported ones? The clothing made in Vietnam or the Australian grown and manufactured garments? In some cases there will be a price difference which may determine the choice you make, however its clear which is the better way to go.

Even in restaurants and cafes these days, the trend is for open kitchens, where you can see the chefs at work and see what you a paying for. Many large food retailers are readily advertising where their produce is grown, and in some cases even naming individual producers on the packaging!

People want to know the story behind the brand that they are buying. When a brand does not mention where its products are made (they are required to on the actual product of course) on the main page of their website, its fairly safe to assume that because they don’t want you to know. They want to avoid you wondering about the working conditions of the people that stitched your t-shirt, how many miles it has traveled to get to you and the quality of both the materials and craftsmanship.

Aside from the working conditions, the worst aspect of these sweatshop brands. There is the actual product. We compared our Aussie made Iron Horse Clothing T’s with some other well known brands made in Asia and the difference was immense. The cotton quality, the fit, the stitching, the printing!

After just a couple of washes you may end up with a T-shirt made in a sweatshop for $2, with the stitching unraveling, a faded print, colour running, and a fit that alters each time you wear it !

This is why Iron Horse Clothing proudly manufactures its gear in Australia using 100% organic cotton. Our manufacturers live by the following motto:

‘Provide the workers at our Sydney factory with a safe, clean & enjoyable working environment, pay them a fair wage, supply them with our high quality Australian made fabric, knitted from certified organic cotton and our t-shirts will be the best in the world.’

So think about where your clothing comes from next time you buy, you will be doing both yourself and others a favour by demanding brand transparency and avoiding those brands that won’t tell you what their up to!

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