Tokyo Bike Perve 1- Rad pictures of Bikes in Japan.

Part of running Iron Horse Clothing and being in the cycling industry is ‘getting out to find out’, and there are few places in the world worth getting to more than Tokyo, particularly when it comes to bikes… Don’t be offended when we say that the Japanese cycling scene is far more advanced than the rest of the world…

Stunning orange artwork outside 'Punch Cycle' Tokyo

More cyclists, more sexy bikes, more enthusiasm, more considerate drivers, more innovation, more trend setting.  One of our Japanese riding friends from the South Perth Rouleurs was kind enough to hook us up with a contact in Tokyo who surpassed our expectations in every way and took us on what was, in all seriousness, a spiritual tour of Japan’s most important and inflential bike shops….. but more about that in another post.

Coming back to the title phrase ‘bike perve’, Tokyo is oozing bike porn.  Funked up chrome BMX’s that we dreamed of when we were 12 being ridden by dudes who would be roughly 30 and holding down a 9-5, carbon Fuji fixies (which are illegal!) with twisted spokes and deep dish rims, mouth-watering Italian steel frames that your old man used to ride and a bundle of other radical interpretations of the bicycle…. impressive indeed.  The only thing more impressive than the variety is the volume.

We went nuts with the cam on the streets of Tokyo and have sorted, and sorted, and then sorted some more to give you an idea of the bikes being paraded in what we believe to be the epicentre of modern urban cycling.

If you’re feeling this, and looking at the ‘1’ in the title hoping that there’s more to come…. there is….


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