Tokyo Bike Perve 2- Radder bicycle pictures from Japan.

As promised!   Tokyo really pushing it out in all directions and in all styles-I was packing the steel flat fronted jeans to avoid embarrassment.  Sadly the lens on my Canon SLR packed in after the first week in town, and took a little while to acquire another, so some of these pics have been taken on a point and shoot and aren’t so impressive, nevertheless- you get the idea…..

Manager of c-plus headwears' ride in Harajuku-sick.

Props to Hiroshi-kun.  Total legend running our favourite hat shop in Harajuku- C-Plus Headwears.  Tom and I dropped a few hundred here and could easily have spanked some more. Go there!

Bridgestone single speed and token cute JP girl

Mega popular Bridgestone single speeds are everywhere.

Steel outside an art gallery

Gorgeous steel framed semi-vintage with updated Campagnolo running gear outside Art Tower Mito near Okachimachi.

My guide tells me he is patiently waiting for the owner to pass away. Vintage Alan and Bianchi. Schwing!

More goodness at W-base

Guys at W-BASE in Harjuku doing a cracking job on limited edition frames and some BMX’s that your mum wouldn’t buy you.

Random dude, random bike

Managed to catch up to this dude with his mini Masi with matching tyres.

Sexy, simple and tough Fuji bike

Cute little Redline BMX in W-BASE

A 'Funny bike' loosely tied up. Dope HED wheel on the back- check out the eyes!

Totally in love with these Vivalo Keirin bikes

Nuff said.  Heaps on show here- special place for the bike indeed.  Eishin-kun and I thrashed it from Harajuku to Asakusabashi in under 15 mins, me on a mountain bike with slicks, him on fixie…. I lost count of the traffic laws we broke in the first 2 minutes.  Wicked fun!

What do think?  Got any pics from your travels in Japan you’d like to share- get in touch!


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