Whacky Amanda wooden bikes, chicken sashimi, black beetle and stuff!

The day after I took these snaps my guts was definitely sending me mixed signals.  It’s hard to know what to blame it on when you have been shamelessly and sinfully gorging on everything you find remotely interesting to eat.  Japan is like that I guess.  Every time I’m there it’s like this never-ending challenge to find something more zany and interesting to try- eating whale was topped by eating chicken sashimi- believe it.  Raw chicken liver, heart, breast, skin, brains and eyeballs… well maybe not brains and eyeballs… but I would give it a crack if it were on offer.  I did eat crab brain sushi, and I recommend it!

check it out... I don't know what I eat these days.

Japanese curry

This was one of the tastiest Jap curries I have had the pleasure of smashing.  We got it from a little joint in Nippori, don’t ask me the name, I was too busy getting the lowdown on the love hotels which littered the surrounding streets.  Apparently businessmen come in regularly during the day for cheeky one with their mistresses- sweeeeeet!

Black oval window VW Beetle

Volkswagen beetle interior

Untold amounts of wood happening in the area when we saw this very, very old oval window Volksy.  The dude had done a serious number on the paint and the interior… obviously needed some work on the donk cos he was kneeling performing a spanner operation (or was he cranking one out?) when we rolled up, acting like we wanted to help but really wanted to steal his ride; ‘Hey dude, can I have the keys to your beetle so I can knick it, please?’


Yozo-san posing for us- you should have been a model mate!

Wooden disc wheels

Hand made billet hubs to match the wooden discs

Speaking of wood! Amanda Sports Co. (apparently) is the number one total ichi-ban wooden bike frame make in this solar system.  A wooden bike, and a sick one at that!

I’m out.






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