Bike Shop Review: Cycles Bespoke-Bayswater. They sell shit-hot bikes.

Highly recommended you arm yourself with a fat wallet, rubber armed girlfriend, mother or stolen cash, or a combination of the above if you are going to set foot in what could be Perth’s most aesthetically pleasing bike store.  I popped into Cycles Bespoke last week armed with nothing more than my shitty Canon Kiss and a pump pack of lubricant (just in case) and decided to get a review up about this slick newish joint asap.

Snazzy signage out the front of Cycles Bespoke

If you don’t know about Parlee, then you should be ashamed.  But maybe you are just ignorant and think Cervelo make the best carbon cycles.  If you think this, then you are wrong, my friend.  This Parlee Z5 is the shop bike, and co-owner Angus tells me it’s available at a very nice price indeed.  Just bought a carbon jobby and realised every other punter is straddling the exact same bike?  Promptly return it and get into Cycles Bespoke and invest in this-it’s better in every way than what you currently have, and probably lighter too.

Your woman's not giving you any play at home? Ride this Parlee Z5. You can be rough with her, ride her hard and put her in the garage when not in use.

I’m glad we’ve got this Iron Horse Clothing gig going.  Loosely passing ourselves off as a serious company making primo Aussie made gear, we have really just created a legitimate tax deduction avenue that will allow us to ride and own bikes like the Cannondale Lefty.  Boring they are not, common they are not.  Very hard pressed not to get excited over this particular model (below), especially if you like the hard tail.  I personally prefer firm tail, a hard tail is uncomfortable at best.  A Swedish snowboarder I rode with in Japan this year taught the theory of  ‘the bigger the cushion, the softer the pushin’.  I’m not sure exactly what he was talking about because I don’t speak Swedism, but it sounds appropriate and is probably worth mentioning here.

Bouncy bouncy, but firm and in control when you need it. Cannondale's sexiest MTB hard tail, the 'Lefty' is trouser disturbingly good. Fairly priced, mind you.

Get the lube! Full suspension black Cannondale Lefty comes with free night time cammo paint for evasive nocturnal tactics.

Custom Dekerf titanium bikes. You want to be different so buy one of these. Only 4 others in the country apparently.

One of the cleanest finishes I have seen on a Ti bike.  These titanium Dekerf horses are seriously tasty.  They are very affordable while not being cheap (I’m not joking) and should be on your short list if you are in the market for a custom titanium number to spend 7 hours riding the dams in the Perth Hills because that is the most appropriate way to spend your valuable time.

Get one of these puppies made to measure. Probably the pick of the bunch for me but I would definitely change that fork.

Oh my god!  A bike shop actually presenting their wares in an appealing and stylish manner?  No way!  Very smart shop happening here and the service is top notch.  It pisses me off no end when I walk into a bike shop (which I do daily) and the staff can’t pull their fat heads out of their arses long enough to humbly and professionally deal with me.  My bike is 25,000 km’s old, corroded (it’s ally) and runs old gear so I can’t get good service? Sure, there are exceptions, but Angus and Chris will do the righty by you (Angus promised!) and get your legs powering something super special.  Cycles Bespoke is located at 2 King William St. Bayswater in Western Australia.  Check the porn in the comfort of your own home or locked office suite at or call them for solid advice on (08) 6161 8382.  Go there.



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