Kindly step out of the vehicle SIR….now get on this IRON HORSE! p.s spinning is not a sensible activity

When I step out of my house in the morning to start my day, this is what I want to see.

Socialisamazationism on wheels

People on bikes, not people in cars.

From where I live to the cbd is not far…Yet everyday I see people queued up in cars, getting stressed, polluting (with usually 1 person per car) and then fighting for parking spaces (expensive) once they get to their destination.

Then once they finish their day, many try to squeeze in a session at the gym where they often get on a stationary bike to ride next to other smelly gym goers in a stale overpriced sweat pit! WHAT!

yes....I'm having SO much fun....I just love spinnninnggg

So hang on…..I’ll pay $1.50 per litre at the pump, get in a queue of polluting metal boxes (everyday), get angry and then I’ll get on a bike anyway at the end of the day because I want to stay fit.
How about ride to work, save your fuel money, have a great start to they day with fresh air and then spend the money on a nice glass of wine after work while the drivers are in Fitness First with their free backpack and towel looking like a SUCKER or in a queue to enter the freeway…and you don’t have to wear lycra to ride! just look at some of the photos below.

This all has a lot to do with urban planning obviously, not everyone can live close enough that they can consider riding. But this is where the government needs to realise the benefits for society when you have a culture of bike riding. (just look at the legs on the girls below…see that’s what happens ladies when your riding every day)

So please let people ride without a helmet in Australia please, we don’t wear them in cars! (despite all the knobs that think they are on a race track). Build more bike paths, more ‘Boris’ bike schemes as in London & Melbourne.

We would have fewer obesity problems, less pollution and a more connected population. The way things are, people are so disconnected from eachother….from house – car – work – car – house – tv….get outside, get on a bike and relax a little. Even if you work a job you don’t like, the least you can do is claim a little back of your own time on the bike each morning. YOU NEED TO DO THIS !!!!!!

p.s If you really do like spin classes, I think you will enjoy riding outside just a little bit more….

buy a bike! Then come to California....

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