A week in the life of my camera!

critical inner quad stretch ensures elasticity in the aging body
nice little number tucked away in UWA

While shooting this bike, a cute little duck came a wandering by.  While attempting to shoot both the duck and the bike in the same frame, a plastic bottle full of chocolate milk came flying in from the left, just missing my camera and hitting my foot.  I turned around to see a mad man who began yelling at me.  (in a peculiar no-origin retarded American accent- Corky anyone?) “Hey man, leave that duck alone, man!  Look!  He’s like all crippled and shit!  That’s cruelty to animals, man!  I’m gonna call security!”  I fell over laughing, so did the 10 onlooking students.  He had ‘security’ on speed dial, pressed the button and ran off.

moreton bay fig tree at UWA gives true meaning to the word beautiful
‘Jun’ was moving between trig and calc classes in the time/space continuum. He told us he saves 73 minutes per week in doing so.  You get an A+, Jun.  Well done.
Shimano gear from back in the days of quality- even on the cheapest of bikes.

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