Casual gear for all riders, fixie, single speed, utility- whatever! Iron Horse photo shoot 3

you can see why the Handlebar design is doing really well. get 'em quick here

Crazy to think we have already been rolling for 3 months….madness, madness I say!  Here are some pics from our latest shoot out the back of very reputable cycle shop in Western Australia.  We thought we’d mess around a bit and get a bit more of a rougher edge in ths shoot and appeal more to buyers looking for fixed gear or single speed clothing– whatever is.  Oh, and before you dis the white balance or exposure, these have not been processed or changed in any way!

Iron Horse Line and ever best selling Handlebar design

Time Trial design in a Cervelo TT frame

Iron Horse's Handlebar design on some old tubage

hung like an iron horse

mini label and detail on our Logo shirt in wicked jersey yellow. it ain't that bright!

Spoke design in road rash red and white. cracking tees, innit.

lost inner tube. now say that again out loud.

konfused about which to shoot next.

Got any ideas for our next shoot?  We have another planned for this coming weekend- think we will get some ladeez booked for the occasion…..  ;o)



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