What’s going on with pro athletes….?

Yannick, legend! quote: "What a monster! I want nothing to do with him. All that money and he never has time to smile. He gives the game a bad image." — Yannick Noah, on another pro player

Maybe it’s the pressure, expectation or just the grind of having to be on top of your game everyday just to compete….but I don’t see many professional athletes looking like they are having a great time. Where did all the characters go?

Well before the 'concept' of responsible service of alcohol, this guy drank 52 beers at high altitude on the way to a cricket tour of England, the pinnacle of cricket. His teammates competed with him and the winner was announced by the planes captain.

Perhaps I am wrong, maybe they are all smiling inside. Thinking about the adulation and the cash rewards that come with being a modern day professional athlete. I don’t know about you but when I see these athletes with diamond earrings, Beckham style tattoos and $400 hairstyles it makes me long for the 80’s + 90’s…..when sports stars were cool. They did it for enjoyment, they had a laugh and went for a beer after the game.

all smiles.

I personally don’t want to watch some emotionless robot competing, someone that’s been on the tennis court since they were 2 years old or locking themselves away to be the best and never put a foot wrong. I want to see Shane Warne in the papers boozing one day and taking 5 wickets the next morning. I want to see Mike Tyson with his pet Tiger talking shit before he lets loose like a manic in the ring.

Higuita 'El Loco' with a characteristically crazy 'Scorpion kick save'. Known for his eccentric playing style, taking unnecessary risks and ACTIVELY trying to score goals as the goal-keeper....legend!

I think it’s time for a lot of sports & athletes to take a step back and make things fun again, that’s what sport is there for right….?

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