A nothing label or nothing customers? Clothing brands that succeed for reasons unknown.

This is written with all due respect (kind of) to the businesses mentioned (As per Buddah’s last post about Carman’s, we love to share the good companies we come across too).    These clothing brands are sold worldwide, although that doesn’t mean I like them. In fact they remind me of the time I walked into the wrong pub and saw an entire rowing crew of Toffs (in Henley by sheer coincidence!) still in their spandex rowing suits, drinking Pimm’s at the bar after a race whilst discussing Price Harry’s new pink jeans and their favourite convertible Jaguar. Sickening. But nonetheless they are selling globally, which is what we are working to do. I am just genuinely interested to know what the process is for coming up with some of their products and what makes people want to buy them? Help me please?! Tell me why!!

Golant, Belnik, Coads, Garker, Kruggar, Plugged, Cran, Gwallon, Ardstraw, Desky, Bebop, Burst and my favourite Mulfra. These are the names for one of these brands CURRENT range of t-shirts. I don’t have room for the other 10 pages of similar tripe they have come up with. Ok ok…just one more….Reflex…..oh and Sandbar….I can’t STOP! Maybe they can explain what all this means. Are they just joking around, are they stoned?

This one is called a ‘walsden’. It’s available on their website to buy right NOW..

Please tell me your thoughts on this?? To me it screams ‘WE CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING NEW OR ORIGINAL, SO WE ARE GOING WITH “BRAND NAME + THE WORD ‘TRACK’ + SOME NUMBERS” WE HAVE PLENTY OF STORES AND PEOPLE WILL DEFINITELY BUY THIS SHI(r)T FROM US… p.s we aren’t telling you where it’s made either.

This took us hours to come up with

Now maybe I am being a little cynical….we are just a new brand and some people might not like what we are doing, but we are still consumers with an opinion. Somehow these brands are just there….not sure WHY or HOW, but they are in the shops. They are spreading like Cane Toad’s.

Actually that could be a brand, ‘Cane Toad’….hmm…No lets go with ‘Bench’. Funny story behind them. I found out just recently in fact, that this brand was started in a Grade 3 English class in Belgrade by two 7 year old children who were trying to use the word ‘Bench’ as many times as possible but attempting to disguise this from eachother by distorting the ‘n’ or by putting the ‘bench’ in a different location each time. Incredible….7 years old…who would have thought it would become a global ‘fashion’ brand.

We distorted the 'n' on the word 'bench'.

We put this one on the back...see....haha

What makes this ‘fashion’ to some people? How is writing the word Bench on some bad fitting sweatshop cloth a ‘brand’? I would rather wear a plain t-shirt personally.  Maybe they made good stuff once upon a time, or else they wouldn’t have got to where they are now….or did they?

We changed the shape of the word Bench again.

Could it be that once something is on the shelf, enough people will buy it because they don’t know any better? If you put the same 2 t-shirts from China next to eachother, one for $50 with ‘bench’ (I know I’m getting sick of the word too) on the front and one without for $5 do you think people would realise they are paying $45 to have ‘Bench.’ written on their clothing?

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One Response to A nothing label or nothing customers? Clothing brands that succeed for reasons unknown.

  1. Buddah Brown says:

    I did something on the shitter this morning that looked better than any of that stuff you just posted, Danny. Popular men’s fashion is indeed in a serious state of decline.

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