Bike stores in Japan – Why do they do it so well?

As written in a previous blog, I’m just so impressed with what the Japanese cycling fraternity manage to put together.  Keirin racing, a very solid recreational and club cycling scene, Pro racing and of course a World leading fixed gear and single speed culture which is NOT the supremely style-driven and fad-tastic scene that is slowly but surely firming up its grip on the cycling and not so cycling minded, but a way of life. As for life changing, I’ve witnessed best friends who weren’t into riding have their bike collection explode upwards of 3 or 4 bikes in the 5 years since they first decided a bike was for them.  JBeez, Jonny P, Tom Boner, Wada-sama: you’re all guilty.

I came across this supremely tasty shop in Osaka this week while trolling the web for a place where I could lay my slippery mitts on a Panasonic Keirin track bike (If I see you riding this, I’ll rob you and take your ride- I saw it first and you can’t have it).  A local bike store was attempting to jam me for $200 for a 1960’s Universe track frame (rusty, no less) and when I was negotiating prices I was told it was $200 firm ‘because it has horizontal dropouts’.  Erm, yeah, like this is the only frame that has them- so rare.  Needless to say I found a shedload of groin-swelling ideas on the net, but if you want to waste some of your time when sitting at your desk, go here: Very creamy indeed.  We’ll be on the blower to them next week to see if we can get a load of our stock up for their warmer months.

lovely spotty Panasonic NJS

one of track for an unknown Keirin racer- sick

Umm, yep. Made to order Panasonic NJS very much on my rader. Made in Nara, Japan by the way.

Check out their blog and see the quality of work they are pumping out.  Seriously good gear getting built up.




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