Like, oh my god!  It feels like it’s been freakin’ ages since I have sat down to ponder a post.  So much has been happening recently.

– We got our sexy bodies in a German mag: Bike.  Cool bananas.

Yeah, good job, Stefan, thanks. Can't bloody read what you're saying though. Hope you're not dissing us, bruder.

– Danny and I are on the verge of launching another business.  That’s the 3rd for Danny and I and the 5th for me.

– We are still desperately trying to manage our money to keep us in the game even while retail and the stock market shits itself.

– We have streamlined the creative and marketing sides of Iron Horse.

– We are getting some nice little orders flowing through from Europe, in particular the UK and Germany where they are slowly weening themselves off lederhosen and getting into our gear.

Skills, Sarah... thanks for the Summer issue re-run in Cycling Fitness Magazine

– We are settled on a 4 ideas for our next run of tees!

What really prompted me to scribble was to give some serious props to our new friends up there there in Euro……  Danke!

My fingers are sore from puttin on new Vittoria Corsa tyres. Yes, that is the caption.


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