Iron Horse is looking for stockists in Asia

Iron Horse Clothing is currently looking for stores to stock our gear throughout Asia.

One thing about being in Australia (as much as we love it here), is your very far from pretty much everywhere. Asia is on our doorstep, yet that is still at least 3 hours flight away.

We are in the very bottom left corner of an already isolated country!

So when you want to start selling overseas, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome. We have definitely had to enlist the help of a number of people. At the moment we have friends (and customers) helping us out in the US, Germany, Japan and the UK.

The fact we have had some good press lately in Germany (with more to come) and the UK makes this easier, but we would love to be there ourselves selling and talking to the retailers.

It makes me wonder how Australian made products are viewed overseas?

What do we even ship overseas that’s actually made here? Well….umm…..pretty much anything they can dig out of the ground these days, plus a few things they can grow on top of the ground or in the water. Not much in the way of things you would find in your average clothing retail store. Most of it is made somewhere in Asia for an Australian brand. So not really Australian at all.

We at Iron Horse Clothing know only too well that Australian Made means exceptional quality. Whether its casual cycling clothing, private boats or building Wembley Stadium (although some would argue the stadium example). The only problem is it is very expensive, to match the wage demands of the labour market here.

What is your impression of the quality and craftsmanship when you see the Aussie made logo? When you see on our website ironhorseclothing that we make our cycling clothing here, how does that affect your purchasing decision?

casual cycling clothing

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