Iron Horse is designing for the South Perth Rouleurs…

Word up.  It’s taken more than a little while to get some designing-for-cycle-club action.  Pete over at the Rouleurs spoke to us not long after our launch about the possibility of doing something, and it’s taken until now to get it happening (for a stack of different reasons).  Taking a design brief on the phone last week along the lines of  ‘..why don’t you guys just show us some stuff?…’ was about the best way a club could approach us.

funky, US baseball team stylee... we like this.

Looking back honestly on our first range, we really were designing ‘for others’ and not designing the kind of shit we really wanted to create.  Anyway, the waterfall of creativity flows strongly and we’ve straddled a small aqua-trike to ride over the rapids and straight out and over the waterfall, surely ending in a) extreme amounts of death, b) extreme amounts of criticisismism or c) more design work for Australian clubs and teams.  Put your hands up if you know what I is on about.  No one, oh, me neither.  I’m off to eat pork knuckle soup and rice and other hawker gear in Singapore (and meet some dudes in China and HK for another business) where I’m catching up with a couple of heavies from Singapore’s vibrant cycling scene.  We’re going to talk about where’s good to eat more pork knuckle stuff.

they like this one.....

Clearly the plan is to get these puppies out the door and then approach others with our skillz in production and see what happens.



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