Utility bike photo shoot. Flexin’ the fixies, singles and grocery baskets…..

Yeah, we do’s that!  Gotta say a massive thanks up front to Mitch, Shauny, Bruce, Danny B and the inimitable Tommy Wu, even if the last two own part of the business and should damn well be putting in the time anyway!

We had a ball (and a few beers) as usual doing this shoot last weekend down in Fremantle late afternoon.  Some of the colourways that we offer have sold out, probably because they have been promo’d so hard, particularly in the European mags, so we thought getting some shots of the yellows and reds would get peeps thinking more about departing the bitumen, white and green they seem to be loving so much.

I thought I had muscly legs before i saw this. Damn.

The whites and the yellows, not mention the blue look sick in our designs.  I’m still wearing through the stock which I took away to Japan on our Tokyo trip back in January and the material is holding up really well.

If you are pondering whether you should get involved in our gear, don’t hesitate too much, as some are sold out and true to our ethos, we won’t be reprinting the same designs.  A local dude bought two online last week and then came back for another 3 this week…. has to be the quality of the product.

Time Trial design looks sweet when it's on. The red or white versions are killer.

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